Meet Neutrino

Roar Comics on Sept. 27, 2011

Neutrino is the daughter of Sir Simon Church, aka Captain Cannon, the first and most famous superhero in the world.
Looking to pass his legacy down to his young son, 18 year old David Paul Church, Simon, in his long-lived, chauvinistic fashion, never even considered his powerful and capable, if somewhat rebellious daughter, Lydia, for the role.
Enraged, Lydia decided to get even with her once loving, now distant and dismissive father by forming a superhero team of her own, and showing up her dad and little brother.
Lydia, who has tactile gravity manipulation abilities, calls herself Neutrino.
Her team, The StarBrats, consists of a few other legacy superheroes, as well as former metahuman gangmembers, and expatriate former heroes from the other side of the country.