Starlight Cover

skitty on Dec. 23, 2006

Um… I'm a beginner at this (making a manga that is), so I know I'm going to suck ♥ Please bare with though, don't think I'm going to change much in my style, but it'll be a good experience for me :D

Please read from LEFT to RIGHT.
(If I could do it the other way I would, but I'm already used to writing this way)

Starlight, my first actual manga shown to public o_O (le gasp!) What do you expect? I've only been drawing for 8-10 years, and I keep having artist's block :P I just recently became a teen (in Nov) go me!~ ^^

Anyways, if you read this far, you're awesome, if not, you wouldn't be reading this now….

I'll probably update not too often… I'm such a bad person…