alwinbot on July 23, 2011

Oh that figment of my imagination. He's such a dick. But he's me, so it's completely self deprecative.

I introduced him for the exact reason of having someone to talk to when I don't actually talk to people. It was so that I wouldn't look crazy talking to myself in an autobiographical comic.

I think my efforts just make me look even crazier.

Post Script:

Girl was cute.

@Joey It's a good thing you don't really have to aim in that game. There's VATS which is like autoaim, basically. I'm not too good at FPS's either. I prefer the whole roleplay elements. Like in Fallout, where I am pretending to be a mailman who survived getting shot in the head twice while also being the most evil motherfucker in existence. Some games making it harder to pretend than others.