Don't No One Wanna Be A Bard

spoonerman on Dec. 9, 2010

Ok so here's page 6, sorry i forgot to upload it 8 hours ago it was done in time just been playing the new Warcraft Expansion too heavily ^^;

I have to say I'm majorly impressed by it, for all of warcrafts shortcomings such as reeeeeeeally heavy grinding the gameplay actually feels like a story is progressing rather than, go there, kill things, now go there, kill things. I mean yes that's still a very heavy presence in there, to alter that would be to alter warcraft gameplay mechanics altogether thus making it a different game, and we all know how much Blizzard needs us to grind so they can squeeze every penny out of us, but hey, they're a business, it's their job.

But along the way you really feel like your character means something, I recently started a Worgen mage, (female embarrassingly, they just seem to fit casters much more) and the first quests you do you're trying to help save and eventually escape an entire town, this isn't just a small village somewhere out of the way this is a MAJOR plot point and location. and from the get go you're making a difference. Now regardless of how you do, the town ends up overrun which is what eventually forms the later levels ‘Battle for Gilneas’. BUt you were there man. You helped hold off the worgen horde, you held the chapel as long as you could and you met the night elves who held off the undead whilst your people boarded the ships. And thats what makes it fun.

This isn't the only instance of this, and whilst the rest are smaller in scale they all feel important to the story.

So I'll leave it at that as I'm not a game reviewer, Just a guy who knows what he likes, and Cataclysm is it.

Enjoy the strip.