InYourFace on May 3, 2008

Welcome to Steel Daimond! I have had this character and this story line in mind for quite sometime but never got around to actually making it. Before you start complaining - yes I know diamond is spelled wrong. Read up to page four and find out why. You won't get any free bees from me. This is my first full panel comic so any creative criticism is welcomed. The comic was originally posted on Sheezyart and Deviantart so I had a journal entry to introduce the comic. Not that I'm posting it here, I've decided to actually make an introduction page. Well.. without further ado, Steel Daimond!

Steel Daimond, characters and storyline are copyright to Joanna Sabatino as of April 26th, 2008. Any names, likeliness and events that are used that may be in reality are by coincidence.