Eric_blitz on Aug. 16, 2009

Welcome! This is a promotional peice to the upcoming webcomic book series known as Stunt-Double! This comic is co-owned by me and my good friend Iwannabiscut. I will be illastrator and writer while Iwannabiscut will be doing some backgrounds, and will be editer. This peice of art was done by somone on penciljack called DogSoldier ( and the same image will be used as the cover for issue one. Sorry to say, my art isnt as amazing as his xD I will also probebly commision him to do some covers later on.

This comic is something I'm really excited for! We're hoping to have issue one up next month (god willing). It will be updated monthly like a real comic as opposed to everyother day or however the other poeple on this site do it. It's really cool being involved in something like this because my last comic was an epic failier (due to me losing intrest) and now I have someone to keep my on track. Untill issue one hits the site, I'll be updating everyone once in awhile with some art, concept designs, pin-up, ect. Just to keep poeple intrested. Click you ‘watch’ button so you can follow along until issue one! I really think this issue will be popular. Or–I hope atlest. Thanks for looking, and check back in to see our updates!