Pagem 37: Geoffrey Man

Lemniskate on Aug. 26, 2010

Panel 1:
“Okay, you dirty swines, we surrender.”
“Splendid. Now come over slowly. And hand over your weapons."

Panel 2:
“Flutes, tie up the two of them. And you, Mr Man, will go down into the tomb and bring me the second papyrus.”
“But it's too dangerous.”

Panel 3:
“There is no such thing as ‘too dangerous’, only ‘too coward’.”
“You will go down there.”

Panel 4:
“Okay, okay, I'm going. By the way, why don't you go yourself?"
“Because I, opposed to you, do intend to stay alive. For quite a long time, actually.”

It's a part of my very first LEGO comic (which was my very first completed story, if I remember correctly) re-enacted with these characters. I built the jeep and the truck just to have models as reference. For comparison the part in question from the original comic from 2000: