Street Fight [4]

Kadiro_Kapira on Sept. 20, 2007

–Accident victim doing just fine–

“Shelli O'Brian, suffering a broken leg from a car accident on Glenvile Boulevard two days ago, was released this morning from Bethesda Memorial Hospital when a clean bill. Doctors are astounded by her swift recovery.

At age 63, O'Brian was the oldest woman to compete in the Games of the XXVI Olympiad…or any Olympiad. She qualified for the women's softball team where she and her teammates took gold. However, more impressive was the fact that O'Brian set an Olympiad record for smashing nine–count 'em–nine home runs in the final game against China. Several of her teammates reported that she may have been physically slow to round the bases, but she had a killer swing.”

-Lilah Dickenson, Vin Soma Daily Chronicle