#23 - "TTF Crew Interviews Opus" - by Lucas Turnbloom

Brock on June 22, 2008

This little piece of fan artistry is extremely exciting. I've mentioned before how I'm a part of a new webcomic artists' collective, Tall Tale Features. All the guys on TTF are top notch talents, most with connections to the comic industry that reach a lot further than mine.

Well, the honorary “Fifth Beatle” of TTF, Tom Racine, just so happens to know Berkeley Breathed, Pulitzer Prize-Winning creator of Bloom County, Outland and Opus.

Today on TTF we release an interview we did with Mr. Breathed. Each member of the TTF crew got a chance to ask just one question and it's a great, insightful look into one of the most talented cartoonists on the planet!


Big thanks to Lucas Turnbloom, charter member of TTF, for doing up this great piece featuring one character from each of the TTF comics (and he even got “Broken” in there as well!).

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