#33 - Make A Wish, It's Star Hill!

mattboy115 on Oct. 9, 2012

Okay, here's where I introduce a whole new character. New to the Mario franchise completely. I am going to need to make some sprites before I actually show him but I assure you it will be good. This is what Geno's people actually look like. At least my vision of what they might be.Super Paper Mario has kind of warped my mind to believe that Mario characters should be abstract computer-world abominations. Oh well. I hope you like it anyway.

Sorry it took me an extra week to get the author's notes up here. I uploaded this comic and next week's comic from my phone and it wouldn't let me type in this box for some reason. I have it now though and you get a little insight on me and the comic for this week. Hope it made you happy lol

Also I did fill a reader's request and included the “sexy party” at the end of the comic. She was very happy to see it and that is what pleases me about making these comics. Reader satisfaction.