Strategic Planning as Seen by Skull Girl and Jenny the Kat.

smkinoshita on July 18, 2013

The “strategy planning” gags went a bit long I think, but this is basically what they'd be doing the moment they have dolls of themselves and the gang.  The rest of the crew is basically just sitting around watching TV while they wait for the rookies to figure out a plan of attack.
Just to recap

Pyscha only has to defeat Skull Girl to win her prize (having already beaten Jenny), Jenny has to reclaim the diamond and Pyscha and Skully have to be ‘brought to justice’ (but she doesn't have to personally do it herself) and Skully has to hang on to the diamond and her freedom for three days.
Skully currently has the diamond, having stolen it from Cursive. 
Jenny has an injured arm (which she got trying to get Skully into trouble) but it turns out that pain increases her intelligence (the more she smarts, the more she gets smart).
… oh yeah, and Skiv now has a travel mug so his coffee won't spill as easily, having taken the advice of one of the readers.