My Muse Has Passed

smkinoshita on May 28, 2014

I debated for some time if I wanted to share this latest loss.  It was bad to lose my aunt, worse to lose my father.  My grandmother passed last year, but she was ready and got what she wanted (to die in bed, in her own home, indepedent).
But this is different.  This was Max.  She was my love, my inspiration, my reason to push forwards no matter how difficult things could be at work.  Three characters were based off of her – Afro Chic (new owner of Super Temps), Jackie Green (Jenny's ‘sidekick’) and a character not seen in Super Temps named Moxy.  (Actually Moxy had several traits in common with Max before I met her; after Max became a big part of my life I put more and more of her into the character to the point where Moxy was one of Max's avatars).
But I decided that since I had shared some of our life here, I'd continue to do so.  Losing Max has devestated me.  I lie awake at night thinking of her and I just sort of get through the day without any real direciton other than just trying to survive in a world without her.  Max was loved by many and she made a real difference from grade school to my family in London.
Despite this, Super Temps isn't done by a long shot.  I've actually been getting some art tips from more experienced artists and I will eventually post more.
I just wanted you to meet one of the most influential people in my life.  She saved me, and shortly before she passed, she told me I saved her.  A bit of my soul has left me, and it may take some time to heal (unless my art provides some therapy)