another old one

sobergoose on June 5, 2007

This comic is also from the early days of “superheroes”, where I couldn't be bothered to put multiple panels in my work. I'd love to get some private quacks soon so I can stop dishing out the old crap and work on some new crap instead.
So! Send me your name, city, and superpower- just follow the form of the last two I put up- it need not be totally random, but just mundane enough for me to run with. I'll keep running old comics every day this week so you can get a few more examples for inspiration.
Also, on a completely different note, disregard anything a man named Colonel Hutch might have said about me. He tends to lie about his Louisiana heritage, pretending to be from Texas. Liar. Thanks, maritalbliss, for calling his bluff!

Edit: ahh, now the strip is showing up in recently updated! My computer thought it was yesterday.