Ep. 18, Page 94

smbhax on Feb. 21, 2013

Big chunky space armor/weapons are fun to draw. :)
The London Science Museum flight spare of the Prospero X-3 satellite, the only British satellite placed into orbit by a British rocket:

That happened in 1971; the Prospero flew on the last of the Black Arrow rocket series, having obtained special permission for one last launch after the cancellation of the rocket program–the X-2 satellite having been lost in a previous Black Arrow launch failure. The X-3 was renamed from “Puck” to the more tragic “Prospero” from Shakespeare's last play after it was learned this would be the last launch. The final Black Arrow kept firing after releasing Prospero, colliding with it and knocking off one of its four radio antennae, but Prospero carried out its satellite space environment equipment tests for two years, and was contacted annually on its anniversary for 25 years.