Ep. 19, Page 102

smbhax on June 19, 2013

I meant to watch for it but it snuck up on me anyway, so I missed it last Monday when page 87 of this episode also totaled up as the 2000th A* page (the first 600 or so being only on my main site, smbhax.com, ‘cause I started here later and was too lazy to upload all the back pages >_>). So huzzah!

For today’s page I tried using the side of the lead to fill in the background, a technique Andrew Loomis recommends for shading in his classic “Figure Drawing for All It's Worth” illustrator's guidebook, which an A* reader got me some time back off my Amazon wish list (currently empty :D), and which I'm now actually finally reading through in detail. It makes for an interesting effect I think!