Ep. 22, Page 16

smbhax on June 12, 2014

Well I did not get the second part of my inking pen evaluation written up (there's going to be a twist ending though, I've discovered) because once again I stayed up all night twiddling with colors in Photoshop, only, in the sobering light of the rising sun, to chuck it all and go back to basics.
I was worried that watercolor over the faces in today's page had gotten too mottled, so I ended up devising a way to cure mottling, which I didn't really expect to manage to do: you just lay on a lot of Selective Color adjustment layers, and set the colors to a big negative Black, which reduces the black (aka the mottling) in the colors, but leaves the black in the black lines intact. Taken to an extreme of 8 identical adjustment layers, the page came out like this:

Nice and smooth and pastel—almost Moebius-ized, come to think of it. It is kind of a neat effect, but although it smoothed things out, or crisped them up, it lost whatever atmosphere and depth the painting had had, and—well, really I just need to handle the paint better, rather than coming up with elaborate digital crutches to fix things that didn't quite carry over when scanned and darkened for the web site. Although I may end up regretting the decision for this page… Anyway, I think it got off to the wrong start when I went in with colors that were just a little too dark and saturated; got to remember to keep the colors very light, those seem to convert to the computer better.