Ep. 27, Page 38

smbhax on Oct. 5, 2015

About a year ago, I wrote about how I'd bought my first new comic book in like decades or something, a Detective Comics Batman story by illustrator John Paul Leon. Well this past weekend I made myself a little present of his work from a short-lived late-'90s resurrection of a late-'50s science fiction team Jack Kirby drew for DC, Challengers of the Unknown. Here's a sample of JPL's work from the '90s version, with inking by Bill Reinhold (Shawn Martinbrough also did some excellent inking on him in the series), fabulous colors by Matt Hollingsworth, writing by Steven Grant and lettering by Ken Lopez:

I really like how Leon combines flawless draftmanship with semi-abstract line and shadow, and he always comes up with creative yet perfectly natural ways of positioning the characters in the frame. I wish he drew more comics!