Book One, page 49

bravo1102 on July 20, 2017

Ivar can cook. He also doesn't have much use for women not even for sex. Not only Searsha has a same-sex thing going on. It was always the intention to have Ivar just not be into women. I can't call him “gay” just the same as Searsha cannot be called a “lesbian” because those terms are from our world. There may be an island of Lesbos (or a much larger version in the relatively shallow Mediterranean) but Strabo won't exist for another 9000 years or so. Yes, this is supposed to be antediluvian existing during the 35,000 years modern humans supposedly existed before civilization. It's part of the so-called Ice Age world. The nearby continent is based on a map of Ice Age Europe.

Anyway, Ivar may have a romance or not as there are a couple of other male characters who have no use for women. They exist and it's shrugged off in this world. Patriarchal society hasn't quite ossified yet. God is still the Mother. Women aren't property yet to be traded between dominant males. The Norse see women differently and acknowledge two equal worlds that come together in marriage but otherwise rarely see eye-to-eye. Whereas in Narthatheia it's an “equalitarian” culture or at least supposed to be. There are still nasty people who just use others regardless of sex. I read all the same books as Fallopian Crusader and even took some Women's Studies courses back in the 1980's. ;)

Thank you for putting up with the rant yesterday but that feature really set me off. And the comments about it? Really? Give me a break. Just because it's drawn it gets a pass. There's some great graphics here but they're not drawn so I might as well go play with my dolls and leave the grown-ups to worship their traditional media seemingly just because it's the traditional hand drawn medium and not any kind of alternative multi-media whatever. Thanks.

I am so getting bitter. But haven't I a right to be? Please Allow me to enjoy the small solace penning such venom provides.

But remember my tongue is in my cheek and I don't really feel this way. At times it's just fun playing the cynical curmudgeon. I should do a comic about that. No one has really done a cynical enough curmudgeon in my view.


On the original version of this way back in 2008 someone wrote:

“Just checked out your book. You put a tremendous amount of work into creating your photosets. I really am impressed. I'm a little less enamored with your lettering, which tends to not follow established left/right/top/bottom tradition, and takes up too much art space. Clearly this is a labor of love for you, and I appreciate the effort. I also wonder how you get your models to pose so well in all the action sequences! Now, put together a story that really grabs my interest.”

This individual's own comic honestly is crude even in comparison to what I would be doing in the final draft of Attack of the Robofemoids.

Robofemoids must have blown his socks off, Mask of the Aryans left him gasping for air, Interstellar Blood Beasts put him into silent awe and Tales of SIG left him senseless on the floor in a puddle of his own drool. In my dreams anyway. But of course he never commented again on anything I ever did. According to his last page he did some fanart for plymayer way back when. Of course nothing I ever did was worthy.

However, his comment pointed me in the right direction and lit a fire under my ass to get better. The way my work is considered by a great many I still might as well be back nine years ago with that crude stuff from the first few pages of Go a Viking! or even Attack of the Robofemoids I have looked at re-doing AotR but I'd rather instead continue with the next installment. It's my dream to shanghai some artist into drawing the whole thing or at least drawing the characters rather using than the dolls.

And no, despite the fact that I can draw and have drawn, I can't do more than three to five pages without severe cramps and crippling pain in my hands. I barely managed to do a three panel comic strip with stripped down, nearly abstract art and had to stop after 15 strips because of the pain. So I'm stuck with this.