Book One, page 74

bravo1102 on Sept. 21, 2017

I imagine magical intelligence gathering to be a lot like ELINT or electronic intelligence gathering. It's all a matter of magical frequencies so there are counter measures. Magic is based on wavelengths found on the electromagnetic spectrum so one day it may be able to observed and quantified. But it's the focusing and manipulation of that energy that makes it so special.

Now why aren't they worried? Why are they willing to wait for Glorreaka to make her move? Because they will know the moment when any move is made. They can't know any details but they'll know and all they can do now is wait. So might as well have fun in the meantime.

This page was the most fun to re work because the interplay between Searsha and Glorianna was completely reworked. Originally it was just a throwaway line by Larya and Glori amazed Searsha was a former prostitute. Instead it became this little back and forth.

Though not spelled out it was hinted earlier that it could be Searsha's cycle. Besides being midwives, sorceresses also offer all kinds of notions for feminine health to include birth control. These are also the province of the goddess Nella but Annah and Nella worship overlaps to the point where the two goddesses are considered BFFs if not actual lovers. (But oddly not siblings, that role is reserved for the bubbly goddess of mirth and laughter Breeannah) But I digress. Suffice to say a sorceress can choose when to menstruate and even when to get pregnant as well as providing such services to others.

A reader comment was deleted from yesterday's comic by complete accident. I am so sorry. All comments are very precious to me. Even scathing, mean critiques are welcome. Trust me, there is nothing anyone could say that I have not said to myself. ( and much worse)

That said I have to ask if this thing is moving too slow? Am I being too indulgent with my characters being all talky and dull and would you prefer the story jump over this to the action?

I will be going on vacation to Europe the next two weeks, but there is enough buffer for the comic to update while the wife and I are travelling. There is even a chance of meeting Tantz_Aerine in Athens. We'll see.