Book Two, page 4

bravo1102 on Nov. 20, 2017

Discounting the background pages we should be at around 100 pages. A couple of panels were discarded and the dialogue condensed so what was two pages ends up on one.

I will probably continue to use the map transition to give a sense of geography to the whole thing. Game of Thrones does something similar with the opening credits as usually only places actually appearing in an episode are shown so over time it gives you an idea of the lay of the land. But as I've said before this was done back in 2008 so it predates Game of Thrones and before the show, the novels were considered a tiresome read and I never found time for them.

In this thread I mention doing the hair of various characters. Falkimir and Severnus both have sculpted hair. The John Wayne figure playing Falkimir got sideburns, mustache and imperial to look like Kirby Yorke from the movie Rio Grande. Severnus got hair extensions and a full beard. Halfdan, Hengist and Ivar all have sculpted facial hair as well. As I've said numerous times before; drawing this would be so much easier.

As far as keeping up with production, it's all a matter of scheduling and getting started always freaks me out. and I want to throw my hands up and run screaming out of the room. “Oh woe is me”

But that's the first step towards motivating myself. I bitch a lot. I bemoan my fate while the wheels inside the head are turning. You should have seen me in high school before an opening night. In art school at the turn of this century I actually skipped graduation because I heard my work was being displayed.

My work has always been behind the proverbial eight ball. As I have said before, some can do anything and be praised to the skies and have an audience form around the block. Nothing another may do, no matter how worthy will ever get the same attention. One could throw shit against a canvas and be hailed as a genius, another could create an entire multiverse on the head of a pin and not get a second glance.

Thank you, all you wonderful DDers for no second glance. ;) Just click “like” on your way through would you? And of course you realize with Lego Space back in production none of my stuff would even win “Best Photographic comic” if that category was revived. Whatever did happen to the DD awards? Volunteers– being the parent of a newborn is all consuming work – why doesn't' someone step forward to put it together?