Book Two, page 42

bravo1102 on Feb. 21, 2018

The guy went to parry a move that he thought Ragnar was making. Ragnar slipped his sword under and cut the guy's wrist causing him to drop his sword. There is no chivalry here. Chivalry is from the French for “horseman” which is what they called a knight in French. No knights, no chivalry. Besides chivalry wasn't for the battlefield, it was for the tournament. One only accepted the surrender of a knight if the ransom was worth it. This guy has nothing to offer and Ragnar is done playing.

But Searsha is another story. A bit of irony is that in all likelihood the guy would have bled to death anyway and she actually spared him that. So the question is, who was more cruel? Halfdan sees any chance of survival as mercy, whereas Searsha sees an end of suffering as mercy? Something to think about. Another thing – why is Ragnar's hand on his dagger in the previous panel? Was he going to end it for the gelding himself? No giveaway thought balloons or dialogue, just something to think about.


There's a big scene with Elsa coming up that I will have to re-shoot some elements for. As said earlier Elsa was recast because I lost the figure's head. The page Recasting Conumdrums tells the story. But I couldn't leave well enough alone so Elsa's head was tweaked with a different hair style. You'll see it eventually. It means that I haven't totally given up on this thing, if I can still tweak figures.