SpANG on June 28, 2007

Poor BK -_-
I did this quite Quickly to show my sympathy and support for BK. The photo is of a fish pond in my backyard. When my elderly cat Rhiannon died last year I buried her there next to that pond where she liked to sit in her last days… So the image here of that pond strikes me personally as being fitting, it makes me contemplate loss, the beauty of the scene, but also brings back memories of the life that once was.

~All our love BK,

SpANG says:

Me and Ozoneocean are starting a colab for BK for the recent passing of her mom.

For those of you that know Black Kitty (Jenny) you know that she is a great person who has never asked anything of anyone. We (and others) felt we needed to do this for her.

Please contribute by emailing or PQing myself or Ozoneocean. We'll make sure that your image gets uploaded, and Black Kitty can see how much YOU care. :)