DJKID on Jan. 29, 2008

This is little Syrii, and she's floating endlessly down a wide river. She floats without emotion, without loneliness, and without any idea of where she's going. Although she doesn't know how long she's been in the river, she knows it's unchanging.
One day, Syrii drifted near land where she met a curious figure. An elegantly, yet darkly clad demon dwelled near the shore with a heart full of grief. Upon spotting the small, floating child, the demon reached forth and plucked her from the river. Syrii explained she was but a child, and the demon revealed itself to be the Woeful Maiden of Marriage. Syrii wondered why the demon chose to suffer on land, rather than release its sorrows into the river. The demon seemed puzzled, since it suffered from being incomplete. Syrii clarified that no matter what, once the demon entered the rive it would feel nothing ever again. Besides, what was the point of hurting and waiting when there's a whole world out there?
Meanwhile, a little girl name Matilda was curled up on the floor of her shower. You see, the shower was the only place where she truly felt safe. She felt as if she was drifting through her own little world, far away from the horror's of reality. Syrii could feel Matilda's sorrow and offered her entry into the river, which Matilda gladly accepted. Before Syrii could return to her drifting however, she found War. Drifting down a narrow brook that happened to flow through the battlefield, Syrii could not help but find herself frightened and overwhelmed.