Prologue: Setting a precedent, he is not

Lord Rend on Nov. 2, 2010

Here it is, the first page of Systematic, or at least the first page of the prologue. For those of you reading Linked Fate, worry not, it will still be my primary project once it begins again here in a few weeks. As for Systematic, being my second project, I cannot say with absolute certainty how often it will update but I am fairly certain it will be a least once a month. I should have time enough for that at least, although I would prefer to update more often. But, time will tell how things work out ultimately. Like with Linked Fate, there will be a forum associated with Systematic that will have more in-depth information. Not to mention my own notes that will appear here on DD under each page.

Speaking of which, this page has a few notes associated with it, mostly relating to the technologies developed and the Hegemony. Rather than go through a long-winded technical discussion, I would recommend you check out this list of emerging technologies on Wikipedia. Pretty much everything on that list has been developed by the time Systematic is taking place.
As for the Hegemony and governments of Earth in Systematic, the Hegemony is the overarching leadership in terms of the fact that they uphold the laws and ensure fair and equitable practices. They also maintain some oversight of things like exploration and research as well as a few other items. They used to also maintain the infrastructure and actually take an active role in affairs, but when the Technocrats and Gaians formed and split off into autonomous groups they took over maintaining the infrastructure, running vital services and providing the basic needs of society. Both groups also engage in research in various scientific fields and the Gaians, ironically enough, have colonized Mars and some asteroids. Of course, as mentioned, much of the maintenance and production process is automated so there is not as much for them to take care of nowadays.