Prologue: That's what you get for having .rip as a file extension

Lord Rend on Nov. 17, 2010

It is somehow ironic that when uploading this page I lost my internet connection. Alas, irony can be irritating at times. Regardless, the page is up now and this marks the end of the prologue for Systematic, the next page begins the main story. That having been said, there will not be an update next week for either Systematic or Linked Fate, but there will be one the week after. At that point, we will see how updating goes and I will settle into a regular schedule. Apologies in advance if it is a little rocky here at first, my buffer is not quite as large as I would like, which might be an indication that I do not have quite enough time to be able to run weekly updates.

In any case, as RAM mentions, Server is an online environment where humans and virtual personalities can interact. I should mention that it is hardly the only such place and hardly the most popular… in fact, it is a fairly unknown virtual environment with regards to the general population.
Oh, with regards to the “veeps” nickname for virtual personalities, it is one of several similarly themed alternate names. Anytime someone is talking about “veople”, a “verson” or something similar, they are talking about a virtual personality.