RaggedyMan37 on Feb. 15, 2011

A new style, and what's that…COLOUR!?
I got so bored of using grey shades and trying to force myself into a certain style, so I took a step back and kind of attacked my sketchbook. This style is what came out, one very influenced by Tim Sale and Frank Millar, one that is quick to produce, nice to colour and gets the job done.
As you may or may not be aware I will be submitting this for my Extended Project at college and will most likely use comments from DrunkDuck in my report, so please write as much as you like, it's all appreciated.
I'd also like to briefly add that the quality for what I upload to DD isn't great because I ‘down-size’ it on Photobucket, the pen strokes within this style are quite nice, but hard to appreciate after the quality is down-graded =/

Re-do panel 4 (definitely)
Re-do panel 3 (maybe)