Dimensional entities Main characters

ozzy1181 on Feb. 14, 2011

No proper comic pages today because, quite frankly, i need a break… feel lucky, i've managed to update at least one of my comics a day for the past week… even with college… even i needs a break now and then, i am only timelord… (i mean human… sorry, force of habit)

Anyways, today i have for you a sneak peak into a project i'm working on… i did mention it breifly in a pokemon warpers filler a while ago…
it was originaly going to be a sprite comic… then a mix of sprite and sketch… but now its just going to be drawn…

anyway… here is the two main male characters;

Corey Yates - a newbie channeler who has just descovered his abilitys.

'M' (Thats all he's giving for now) - A channeler of 4 years who begins teaching Corey the ways of a channler

(oh and just so you know, a channeler is someone who has the ability to channel dimesional energy into an object)