Ch01: Friends

XeaRi on Oct. 24, 2006

Lookie, a page! It doubles as chapter cover and story page, by the way.

I finally have a (very well-deserved yet most likely injustly short) break in the homework flow, and really wanted to get going on the comic. Although it'd be nice if I got some regular visitors (after a few dozen pages done…), I don't expect it, especially with my update schedule (i.e. none). I know most webcomics out there are done by people with schedules like mine, and they manage to update a LOT more than I do. But A), I'm just starting out, and B) it's more of a hobby/side project/pastime than others' are. So… yeah.

I don't want to rant too much, so I'll just say a few things I think are worth mentioning. The big dark spots are shadows of trees (I found a paintbrush in Photoshop Elements that makes leaves). In regards to plot and such, I made this page so that it gives us a full view (almost) of the character. And there is a reason the “C” and the “1” in “Chapter 1” are fancypancy. ;)
I think that's about it…
- XeaRi