Make-over Montage?!?

Ziaheart on Nov. 17, 2009

I totally slacked on adding the script to this strip. Go me. XP

How this works is that I draw a comic, then Alixtair, the person I'm collaborating with, takes the picture and puts the dialogue in place.

Original script:

A: *pant pant*
Z: Hey, where've you been? You totally missed out on the awesome shopping spree! Oh well! Good thing I bought stuff for you already!
Z: First let's get rid of this ratty ol' hat…
Z: And we'll tie your hair nice and pretty and out of the way…
A: Wha- where were you even keeping all this?!?
A: I- wait… this… this is beautiful! I… I never thought I would ever own something so…
A: so… I… I'm… wait, what am I doing- STOP IT AND LISTEN TO ME!!!

Of course, Zayaha is not wearing any backpack so Alixtair's script makes more sense. ;P