Tales of The Heartless(Erica's profile page)

jerrie on Feb. 9, 2018

Tales of the Heartless is a Pirate Story that takes place on another world…PLAT.
A Plitian…Erica's family made their money catching and selling seafood. which bored
Erica. She wanted adventure! Travel! PLUNDER! LOOT!(selling seafood can sometimes have hard seasons where income is small) she left her family's business…and signed onto a Pirate
ship! She bounced from crew to crew….ending up in knife fights with her fellow mates, and
getting kicked off boats. (on one ship, she was kicked off for killing her lover…the ship's first mate…and NOT by accident.she wanted his gold from a recent plunder.)finally, she found a crew that felt like family…the ladies of The Heartless.