codeofethics on Feb. 16, 2008

I sorta downloaded one to many Plug-ins (mods and such) that I over wrote some key files… I have to reinstall all the software again :(

but here's a filler of another project I'm working on that has yet to be named (cause I need to find a decent writer, and someone who is willing to work with my weird sense of sci-fiction.

Story: The story is set in the fictional past of the planet mars, At one point in time it was much like our own planet, Infact it is almost completely identical. The inhabitance of the planet suffer from the same problems that disease our own. Hate, Racism, War, Plague, Global warming ect.
The age is 2052 C.C the last year of life on mars. The inhabitance of Mars are to blinded by their sins to have open eyes to see their coming doom (an asteroid), more interested in natural resources and land rights and religious wars. The story follows the lives of 3 young men and 2 young woman on opposite sides of the planet drawn to find each other by some unexplainable force. But for what reason is uncertain but to what end is known (the destruction of the planet).
The World of Mars is very much like late 20th-Early 21st century Earth.(1999-2004) the theme/look would kinda be FLCLish like in nature (not so much the manga as the anime) with hints of genres from things like “Snow Crash”, “Ghost in the Shell”,“1984”, that sorta thing, but it wouldn't heavily draw on any of those genres.

So if you're interested in writing, or want to fiddle around with the concept a little and would like to work on the project hit me up. One thing I'd like to stay true to however would be the concept of Mars final days. I mean you'd know that everyone was going to die in the end. Makes it that much more fun for the character development.

The art above is mostly concept of the style. I still have to do some more concept stuff and perhaps a little world design, but I don't want to get to far into it before i get a writer.