The Beginning: Bag

mcfuzzhead on Aug. 9, 2007

Well, this was the first comic. Pretty bad eh? Well, it's somewhat different from how we do them now, you'll probably see what I mean soon enough. This one is like 1002x802 and I really did poorly in all aspects, and neither of the participants were very familiar with the Pchat at the time.
The way we do tandem comics is each participant takes turns drawing panels.
6 panel comic, 2 participants.
I started, that's my ugly dude with the bag there.
m.sucaba, a good friend of mine, took the second panels, and he's really great with these Tandem Comics, you'll be seeing more of his stuff in the future I can almost guarantee it.
He also says if you have a problem with a guy kissing a worm in a corset, to not read the above comic.