1 - The Evil by Jenshin

Gregory on Sept. 3, 2006

The Evil

Today's page is brought to you by the ever-so-lovely Jenshin. This well-travelled young lady has been on my favorites since I first hopped on the Duck, and she has, far and away, the most social comic of them all. Bop over and say hi to her, and she will most certainly say hi back.

The story so far: There's a fella leaving Contell and heading to the continent of Roth, despite the King's orders that it is illegal. (Today) There is an evil in motion.

This comic is built on others' artwork. If you'd like to draw a page or two, let me know.Process for contributing:

1. If you're interested, contact me. I'd prefer it if you'd email me at twighlightaz@yahoo.com. I will check the comments, so if you leave your email address down there, I can get ahold of you then if you'd like.

2. I will send you a script via email. Now, the scripts are most certainly flexible, but I ask that you don't deviate too much when drawing the characters. They vary in appearance for the first 14 comics, but by number 15, the lovely Wazaga pretty much sets the record straight.

3. You send the finished page back to me, and it should be up in a day or two. You'll get copious amounts of credit and I'll forever be indebted to you.

Y'know, back when you had to have multiple accounts for multiple comics, I would sign up on my Telenarius name and leave very loud notes on Jenshin's page hoping she'd contribute. I'm really, really, really glad she did.


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