45 - The Port by Mark

Gregory on Dec. 4, 2006

The Port

New Chapter for ya. Today's rather lovely page is brought to you by Mark, who happens to look nothing like his avatar. I was quite pleasantly surprised to find this page, because of all the fantastic color. Look at it! Very nice page by Mark.


Hey! I think I'm out of contributors, so if you want to do another page or you'd like to try out Telenarius for the first time, send me a message (PQ or email) and I'll hit you up with a script. My email address is twighlightaz@yahoo.com if'n you'd like to hit me up there. Always a good time, and I'll give you your very own adjective to be immortalized with.


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4

The Councilman has followed the villain and the young lady to a port town.


Well, that's that. Visit Mark's comic and show him some love. Or wait a bit to see some Short Stories.

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