A Real Laugh Riot

killerfurby on Dec. 6, 2008

Heeeeeeyyyy I'm sorta back! Once I have my last exam on Thursday (yeah, guess who went back to school- on a snap decision no less) I only have work to worry about until classes start up again next year. And so I am bringing back Furby. About time… This isn't even the original script for strip #86. I just happened to be watching The Dark Knight and yeah.

Once again, I'm trying something new. Pen-tool goodness! Before I was copy-pasting stuff I drew in Flash. This makes colouring and line-art go so much faster. Also new: the glasses. The Killer Furby stories have always been about my best friend, myself, and our other friends dealing with Furby's antics and so all the human characters are somewhat based on us. I do in fact wear glasses but only for night driving and distance. Like ‘em? Hate ’em? Stopped reading by this point?

For being such a shit and not uploading anything in 9 months (lol, you'd think I'd gone and had a baby. NOT the case! Phew.) I'll divulge what's to come. I have 2 original stories Sarah and I wrote waaaayyy back in Grade 8. That would be the year 2000. There was once 6 or 7 sitting on my harddrive about 4 computers ago but unfortunately they have been lost, save for the two I printed. I'll be turning those into a long arc that will hopefully make some sense.

Thanks for sticking around! If there are any of you left…