I Thought He Was With You

killerfurby on Dec. 15, 2008

yup. it's late. given that I like to update on Sundays. I blame it on a severely fucked up sleeping pattern. On Sunday I worked 9-2 and tried watching Asterix a Jeu Olympique, which is a great movie featuring two of French culture's most beloved icons, but only for the first half of the movie. Dozed off several times and finally fell asleep at around 4. Figured I'd take a 15 min nap cuz any longer will fuck you up. Woke up at 10pm. Worked on this for a while, then went back to bed at 5am and slept in til 1pm this afternoon. blah.

So, Furby's got the entire dorm to himself. What ever will he get up to this time? Stay tuned! And I promise to get better sleep ;)