Book Cover

Solude on July 1, 2007

This is the book cover ^-^ hope u like it my very 1st comic writer and drawer
this is a little summary of whats it going to be about
the comic is basically going to be about demons and angels and stuff
this is how it starts off tsukiko (main chacrater) is a tri-breed child her father kiyoshi was an angel of death and light he was sent down to kill a woman(tsukiko mother Aimi) who was dying but also slowly turning into a demon.He watched her for a couple of days days turn into months then when it was his time to kill her he didn't he fell madly in love with her and she with him since he had disguse his self into a human.Later on she got pregrent and had a chlid name tsukiko. Kiyoshi and Aimi knew that god and the devil destorys any baby that is made by a demon and an angel. Kiyoshi thought that since his baby was also part human that god would accept her but he did not want to take the risk at lossing either of them so they went into hiding when they did they found out there are more like them.God and devil found out where they where hiding the tri-breed parents where thinking their was going to be a war, but what they got was a planet of there own.After awhlie they settle down and throught everything was fine, but then….i'll save the rest for the comic =^-^= THIS IS A YURI/SHOUJO-AI COMC/MANGA WHICH MEANS ITS GIRL ON GIRL IF YOU DONT LIKE THAT DONT READ :P