Didn't See the Little Fella' There

PPPchairman on Nov. 21, 2012

So who had a crazier Thanksgiving then me? I'll bet no one. My ass got detained by the police ‘cause my crazy-pain-in-the-ass neighbor decided to flip her lid over a trash can being put in front of her door, and I can understand her getting mad over that because the rest of the neighbors and I were mad when she started moving our trashcans, but don’t go pitching a fit and tossing the trash in the middle of our courtyard and cussing out the neighbors over it, and you certainly shouldn't bring your brother over with his gun when you know the neighbors who do own guns arn't around and start kicking the trash around and keep scrapping for a fight. After the police broke us up I spent the rest of the evening calming my neighbors down because the were a little scared and pissed and frankly I am too. What kind of a person thinks it's okay to do something like that, to ignore all common sense and logic, to think you're entirely justified and right when you start cussing out your friends and neighbors who you've laughed and joked with, and force their three year old kid to see his daddy get hand cuffed by the police, to bring your brother armed to defend you when you do wrong against people you know are unarmed, and to leave a mess for you sick neighbor to clean up. To act like this takes a special kind of person.
PeiPei-It's amazing what losing a carrot colored skin tone will do for a lady.
Escutcheon- To be fair he does have the greatest fashion designer on the sea's and great to be back.