F-4: Hiatus time...again.

Brinx on May 31, 2010

Um… wow this is a bit… awkward. Okay I can only guess what yins are thinking. And I can only tell yins that I was a bit distracted… by pokemons. My brother fault and going to some pokemon panel at a con a couple months back. Then my computer had some problems and got it fixed (sort of) and that's that. Though sadly after all that I'm going on of course a hiatus. Which is quite interesting cause I had plans for this month to play games that I didn't beat yet. Or just stopped playing or… raged quited on. Bottom line no comics for awhile and before I forget the Hybrid updating shtick is over for well I need a break from the comic. However next update TAC comes back with a big come back comic. With that all aside see yins next time.