Chapter 4, page 6

SteveMyers22 on Jan. 3, 2008

This page was a lot of fun to draw. This is Superchum getting ready to face the day. You get to see some of the finer details of his costume, such as the belt buckle that clicks together as two hands shaking in friendship … and the smiley face discs that pin his cape to the rest of the costume. These past 4 pages spin out of a project from a comic book art class I took in 2007, where the object was to draw what we do when we get ready for work. Since at the time I wasn't working, I drew what Superchum would do to get ready for the day. And it fits perfectly into this chapter's storyline, as I'm using it to counterbalance the chaos that surrounds The Anti-Chum (who is about to return to these pages very soon).