Magnificent, isn't it?

MadAnnabelleLace on Oct. 9, 2012

Hi. Kayso, after many many many frustrating failed attempts with my old paint program, i finally ditched it and got a new one, and i had to re-learn an entirely new program, which might not sound like a big deal, but to a technological cro-magnum (sp?) like myself….well, it was a big deal. And so, i now present my annual page. It looks a little rough cuz i'm still learning, the word bubble says “Magnificent, isn't it, Wesley?” in case no one can read it..(dramatic impact lost!! wahhhh).haven't figured out how to clean up those marks in the bubble yet.. Also, this is my first time working with atmospheric lighting (the orange sunset at the bottom of the page) which i've always wanted to work with andhopefully it looks better on the next page…tune in next year to find out! ha. My updates suck. Working on that.  So hopefully maybe someone remembers reading this from before…!