#67: No 42 for you!

Brinx on Sept. 12, 2010

What? Did you think that I'd show something like, Brinx taking on a fire breathing dragon? Well too bad! Besides this seemed alot funnier anyways. Also can you spot the two obligatory references to nerddom? If you do I'll give you a granola bar… What? what do ya mean no one likes an internet granola? Alright fine I'll give you a cookie… so anyways yes comic today and no TAC till I update TAOH. Hey don't look at me like that! Be greatful you TAC readers get more comic now then the TAOH. Three TAC comic out of one TAOH comic that's as good a deal you can get! But anyways yes TAOH next update but this one may take longer to update. More on that when I update it. So don't be surprise (Who will be?) if I don't update next week. So enough of me rambling here's the comic and I'm off.