Page 4: Meet the Author

Eternal_Gwen on March 13, 2007

No not me, for those of you who are wondering. The Author is the girl. And she's only glowing because you're seeing it through Mr. Main character's eyes.

A page of many expressions and few full-bodies; my cup of tea. >.> Yes, I know I was a bit extravagant on the backgrounds, I was experimenting.

I'm going to be coloring eyes from now on, I love doing it too much to really stick to grey scale. So I've updated all the eyes on the previous pages.

On a tangent, Happy Pi Day! Now to answer some reviews!

theorah: Thank you for the Fav! It's my first! It's also very flattering.

rana: Yes, Bad main Character! Bad boy! Bad, bad, bad! No Peeping!

SomaX: I tone? Oh, right… Of course I know how to tone… >.>