Course Thirteen Page 004

Rennakins on Nov. 2, 2012

Mikko's outfit here is inspired by Jake Muller from Resident Evil 6 because he's a major hottie and a major badass. Minus the jacket because they're indoors and minus the suspenders because… as much as I wanted them, they'd probably look really weird on Mikko ;A;
@Nero Angelo: Bahh! I hate working on Halloween. :( I dressed up as Freddy Krueger and stayed at home on my computer. It was pretty awesome.
@geneseepaws: Thanks! And yeah haha… messy divorces are always hard on the kids.
@antlan87: One could only hope she'd love custody, being such a nasty lady. Unfortunately that's not the case here.
@KaguyaMegami: It's not right, and actually since they have joint custody (Noah has Ethan on the weekends) she could probably get in big trouble for it. :|