Perhaps you've heard of the Xbox?

LH_Franzibald on May 2, 2007

I can't wait for Ghost Recon to come out for the Xbox 360. You know the Xbox 360 is the best game system ever? The only reason the old Xbox isn't is because the 360 came out and thought it would be neat to play Halo 2 on it. Halo 2 is awesome, but not as awesome as me. Of course, for me to surpass an Xbox game is saying a lot for how awesome Halo 2 is. Way to go Bungie! *Here's hoping Halo is as awesome as I am in the third game or RTS.

Edward got a new friend. He's pretty laid back and kind of sarcastic. Which is good, because it's a pretty original concept having a crazy guy and a sarcastic guy in the same place. I mean, I'VE never heard of it. And seeing that I'm the closest thing to godliness, no one else has probably ever heard of it either. Man, it hurts being an innovator. Oh well. *Maybe someone can be as awesome as I am at making comics so I don't have to take center stage all the time.

-L.H. out!

*fat chance

*fat chance