The Cull - Page 29

Singring on Oct. 19, 2014

So here we are - the final page of Chapter 1. I really wanted to convey the isolation Saphyr finds herself in at this particular moment and that, while there may still be a ray of hope, it is far, far in the distance and out of reach. The original pencils for this page didn't quite do that justice and I had a really tough time getting the scale of the foreground and background right so that it was clear those bars in the front and not so wide apart that Saphyr could just walk through them - we are just peeking through them into her cell of sorts.
Clearly, recent events have shaken our heroine and it remains to be seen (if she ever escapes her predicament - The Pit still awaits!) if she will emerge with her body and spirit intact and unchanged.
These and many more questions will be answered in the second chapter - ‘The Book’.
Next week I'll be uploading a bonus page, just to round out the 30 pages in the first chapter - or it might end up being the cover for the second chapter, not quite sure yet. The next actual page will be coming as usual, two weeks from now.
Thanks to all the current readers and all those who stuck with me throughout, I appreciate the support and enthusiasm - here's to the next 30 pages!