The Cull - Chapter 2 - Page 20

Singring on Aug. 16, 2015

She's back! While Emalaith and Adam have been getting to know each other, Saphyr has been rotting in her cell in the bowels of the hive. But as this page proves, her mother has not been making empty threats. She is sending Saphyr…into the pit!
First of all thanks fto everyone who has been commenting and everyone who helped nominate The Cull for a Drunk Duck award for ‘Best Fantasy Comic’! I am truly honoured and thrilled!
As to teh page itself: I tried adding thicker panel borders on this page and I think it really worked out well, so I'll probably make use of that some more in future.
As you might imagine, the next few pages will ramp up the action quite a bit. I've had a few days off work recently, so was able to forge ahead with the pencils and have almost 4 additional pages done already, so the update schedule for the next few weeks is (more or less) secured!
Hope you are looking forward to seeing Saphyr back in action as much as I am.
By the way - the recommended soundtrack for this and the next few pages is ‘Into the pit’ by Testament.