angelica_carlstedt on April 4, 2009

Ehm, yeah, hi. Long time, no see, huh?

dunno if anyone still bothers to check up on this, but if someone rly does - no, i'm not dead.. and i'm sorry for just disappearing like that, but alot of stuff has happend since i last posted something here..

i've moved back to my own apartment after staying with my parents for some time, and that's one of the big excuses i have for not updating, i don't have a scanner over here and alot of my stuff is still at my folks house, so..
the other thing that has kept me away from making new pages is that i've spent my nights talking to someone special (and it's usually at those nights i draw..) so you could say that i've just had other stuff on my mind for some time..

and i've also got a new job.. AND ofc, all this hospital crap has taken alot of my time too, but i'm hopeing to get back to drawing sooner or later….

And i'd just like to thank all you guys for caring when i last had that appointment to the doctor, it meant alot to me =3

anyways, i realise that this isn't a real page, but it's something and just about all i can give you without my scanner x_X

aw well..
see ya!