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SnowTheHedgehog on July 13, 2014

Yeah, it's been some time, I'm sorry. I've recently gotten a crap ton of addons for my Sims 3 and am in the middle of the process to create a world with the CAW tool - incidentally STILL in the Beta. It could'a been mind-blowingly awesome if they went somewhere with it. It still gets shit done, but not in a professional manner.

ANYWAY. I'm proud to tell you that this is the last page to the first chapter. I can't promise that I'll get next page done in time, especially since my mood for, let's say the next 6 months is solely dependant on tonight. Germany's in the Fifa World Cup's finale. Against Argentina. We know how those matches ended before. Won the Cup against them in ‘90. 4:2 in ’06 after Penalty Shotout. 4:fucking 0 in 2010. Germany is OBLIGED to win this.