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SnowTheHedgehog on Aug. 23, 2014

Wow, uhh… Ahem… Hey, sure been a while.
So yeah… sorry for that horrific delay. Whoever said writing this shit was easier than drawing it is dead… Oh, wait. It was me, wasn't it?

Joking aside, I kinda have an excuse for my absence, though it may not cover the whole 5 or so weeks. I had something like, I wanna say nervous breakdown… There's a crap ton of things that don't go right in my life since a good while and that sorta broke me.
I'm fine now - things are far from being fixed. But at least now that I told someone, I know that someone cares about me. So, well… I'm trying to go a better way now.
That said, the novel is, at first, excluded from these attempts. I didn't even take some hours before cross reading this page; I kinda just came up with it. I'm gonna try to update more often from now on, but don't expect me going back to anything considerable a »regular schedule« yet.

Nevertheless, I am actively considering if I shouldn't make this - writing - actually a thing and make it my job. Side job of course, but still, like becoming a proper author at some point. ‘Cause my current job choice is giving me some headache, and I haven’t even started studying for it yet. Of course you haven't seen a whole lot of examples to judge that thought, but Imma still just go ahead and ask what you think about it.