Chapter 1: A Brief History

LatiasGirl on Oct. 17, 2009

Oohh, I'm excited to get started. I just have a tendency to lose interest and stop drawing comics. I really hope that doesn't happen this time! XD

My schedule (at this point in time) is uploading one page each week. Since I'm just starting out, I might post each page in the first chapter as soon as I finish them just to get the story flowing a bit. But yeah.

Wish me luck! XD

Also, before anyone asks, yes, I know the page says “Deity”, but the comic is listed as “The Deity.” I'm kinda uncreative with titles, and “Deity” was already taken, so here we are. But I guess you can call this comic either “Deity” or “The Diety”, but I'm going to call it “Deity” from here on out. XD

Edit: If you want to see a more detailed version of this cover, check out my deviantART. :D *shameless plug*