(Return of) Demonic Adventures-Page 18

lizinverse on March 1, 2015

Wow, such an impressive display of horse Dressage. Have you ever seen such an olympic-worthy show?
My word, I am awestruck! Clearly this person has trained for hours with the best English tutors!
Liz's Random Corner-
Cast Musical Themes (some of these will make more sense as the story progresses further)
Pita's Theme #1- Everything to Everyone by Everclear
Bara Brith's Theme #1- Closer by The Divine Madness
Buhi's Theme #1- Wrong by Depeche Mode
Jinx's Theme #1- Let Go by Paul van Dyk (feat. Rea)
Belie's Theme #1- All is Full of Love by Bjork
Owl's Theme #1- Hyperballad by Bjork
Paska's Theme #1- Numbers by Great Northern