(Return of) Demonic Adventures-Page 2

lizinverse on July 28, 2014

Oh Spaetzle, you so cray cray with your bad puns. Spaetzle was created on a whim (like many of the cast of this comic) and she's kind of strong independent woman-ing her way to the top of my favorite list. XD

Spaetzle, or spätzle, (pronounced shpets-leh) is a noodle dish from Germany (and several other countries). Spaetzle gets her full name (Spaetzle Cherry) from the dish Kirschspätzle.

You may notice the house I used for reference for the Stockard's mansion is no longer that giant gothic castle thing that I put in Belie's side story. I decided that house was -too- big for something in America, so I switched to using a real historical mansion from the states instead.

In case people are new, I often (almost always) use photos as background images because I really really suck with creative backgrounds, and I don't want to leave it blank. So far I'm still pretty satisfied with how it turns out, and as always, if one of these photos that I glean from the mighty interwebs happens to be yours or someone you know, by all means tell me and I shall credit graciously.

And if you want a good chuckle, head on over to the Pita scrapbook to see early horribad images of some of the cast when I drew them as a young naive thing. Some of them (Bonito) are really kind of funny. XD