Eyepresent 1- A Christmas Party with Life Evolves for dragonestea

lizinverse on Jan. 9, 2012

Jinx: Y'know, Liz really sucks at art. I mean look at us, we're crammed at the bottom doing something that I think it supposed to be us drinking eggnog or some shit. Any art majors coming by will weep.

Aaron: Actually, I believe we were placed here to be this image's Cockblock Penguins ™.

Jinx: …..I hate my life.
XD yessir, here is the much belated eyepresent for dragonestea. The characters of his comic Life Evolves, having a Christmas party with Pita and friends. XD You can really tell who my characters are, they all look like they popped out of a bag of Skittles with their hair colors. Maybe I should start putting more normal hair colors in the story….

The people in the picture are, from the top:
Standing on the footstool putting lights on the tree: Jean from Life Evolves
Putting an ornament on the tree: Bara Brith
Kneeling by a box: Grace from Life Evolves
Grinning stupidly: Pita
Untangling lights: Taro

Way too happy about eating Buhi: Lucy from Life Evolves
Kid in the angel costume with no emotions: :3 a new character that will be introduced to the Pita cast in the very near future.

Next row down we have from the left-
Guy with glasses: Brandon from Life Evolves
Chick with her leg slung over Brandon's arm: Belie
Curly haired hot chick: Cassie from Life Evolves
Guy enjoying himself way too much: Roger from Life Evolves

and at the bottom is our favorite Jinx, and Aaron from Life Evolves.