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Hunchdebunch on Sept. 11, 2009

And here it comes to an end… Well, I hope you guys enjoyed it, I certainly did! And if you're sad that it's over, don't worry! I'll be carrying on with Last Of The Wilds right up until that ends, and I'll also be starting Quest For Zanvadas as soon as I can!

I also want to say a big thankyou to everyone who has supported this comic, I may not have finished it if it wasn't for you guys. So to all the people who have been reading this (whether it was right from the start, or even just recently) THANKYOU! :D

I'll upload the back cover tomorrow, along with some facts about The Door in the author's notes :)

And the fanart contest will still caryy on! At the moment the deadline is the 30th!


Tanman2: Lol yeah that would be good for you, wouldn't it? XD

SlideStudios: You never know, maybe she did consider that too XD

Peipei: Thanks, that panel was fun to draw :)

Lunetta: Well, here's your answer :)