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Hunchdebunch on Sept. 12, 2009

It's not that interesting, but here is the final thing I'll ever upload for The Door. Now it's all finished, and all here for you to see. I promised I'd post some facts on this page, so here we go:


-It's the first comic I ever completed
-I'm pretty sure I started it in January 09
-I finished it on the 4th September 09
-If my maths is right, that means it took me around 8 months to finish it all.
-It is possible that I will make a sequel one day (maybe, don't get too hopeful in case I don't, ok?)
-I changed my style of drawing when I was near the end, but I carried on in the old style for The Door.
-The original idea came from a dream I had while I was in Portugal last August.
-In the first drawing of Kay he looked about 14 instead of 10.
-The second drawing I did of Kay (the design I used for the actual comic) was done while I was in Paris on a college trip.

So, hope you like the facts, and if you have any questions just ask!

Also, anyone who comments on this page will get an answer as a PQ since I don't have any more pages to add lol

And the fanart contest will still carry on! At the moment the deadline is the 30th!


Tanman2: I like happy endings :D Yeah in a way I wish it could have gone on longer, but since it is my first comic it's more of a stepping stone to lead me onto bigger things. My next comic will go on longer, so far it is planned to have over 100 pages, not sure of the exact number yet though. I'm glad you enjoyed The Door :D

Ronka: Yeah, I love writing in stuff that shows character's affection towards eachother lol I'm just soppy I guess XD

Peipei: Thanky for the rating! :D

Lunetta: Yeah I thought it would be a nice thing for her to do, and it links back to the start of the story too :)

SlideStudios: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. It was fun to make it too, so I'm glad it was fun to read :D